I would have to say that this is goodbye for now. Thank you for the great times all these years on tumblr, met several awesome people and... not so nice ones. Should I write a very long message? Hahaha

It's soon going to be my 4th year anniversary on tumblr. If that includes my old blog that I deleted before this, yes it is soon going to be the fourth year. Through those years, so MUCH things happen. I meant on tumblr. If you have been a kpop tumblr for long, you would know what I mean. From 'stealing' graphics with no credit to a bunch of tumblr users having an argument over petty things, I should say that it was really fun to be on tumblr. Now that I look back at it, those days were really fun and also funny. You can have a fucking long post using gifs without people complaining how annoying it is to see it on their dashboard. You can rant a bunch of shit things and your followers won't judge you for it. Those were the good times.

When I started this out as an Infinite blog, I was honestly afraid. lol I know, I mean what has being afraid got to do with infinite but because I was from a Triple S blog and you know how being multifandom was not something "good" to be looked upon previously, the thought of "I'm betraying my fandom." actually did dawn on me. However, as time goes on I realize that there is nothing wrong with being multifandom. At least on an international level. Does not mean you like/support another group, you are going to totally neglect the other. Unless you decide to do so, but even if you do never ever feel guilty for doing so because I believe our hearts change at times.

I do not have as much time as I had previously to spend on tumblr. I could go from morning till midnight on tumblr last time and keep on refreshing my dashboard even though there's nothing to it. No matter how bored it got, I still stayed. I don't know what's with tumblr that can actually make me do so. Apart from making gifs, all I ever did was just reblogging and ranting. reblog and rant. reblog and rant. lol hence I decided that I need to leave and 'enjoy' life than pouring my thoughts into a text post. I'm not a very likeable person but I am very thankful to all those that I have made friends with and able to stand me and to date, we are still talking. You know who you guys are <3

Thank you to everyone who have been following me all these while. For putting up with my personal rants from time to time, thank you. Now you don't have to. You'll probably see me from time to time reblogging something but until then, goodbye!

nambrows; faifai